I have a similar layout to yours ,my theatre is about 10'wide x 22' long 7'8" high
And have a platform 2nd row seating about 1' from rear wall( my room opens up to a billiard room as well which is 22' x 30' overall with theatre,a bit of challenge sound wise)
I have 4- Qs8 -2m80's and vp150 and have switched back and forth several times from conventional 7.2 with side surrounds and rears to 5.2 plus front heights ( current set up) and I have to say that the Qs8's do such a good job on sides that either setup has not made much of difference ....at least to my ears any way and in my room....their are a few movies that benefit a bit from both setups( only a few) but not enough to justify the upgrade unless you already have speakers. IMO GO 5.1 or 5.2 with qs8s as surrounds and spent the rest on sub(s)....wish I had done this

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denon 991 /M80's /vp150 & 180 /4x QS8's
Velodyne 15"/ Dbox 12"
ps4 benq w1070 -grand view 106" FF