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#7687 - 01/06/03 03:48 PM What's up with bi-wiring
anno_k Offline

Registered: 01/04/03
Posts: 6
Ok there is one thing that I just don't understand... how is biwiring any better? Sure you can show off your big expensive bi-wired cables, but sonically is there a difference. The same goes for bi-amplifing, the signal before if gets to the speaker is all the same, no matter how many amplifiers you have connected to your pair... right?

#7688 - 01/06/03 04:09 PM Re: What's up with bi-wiring
Semi_On Offline

Registered: 09/18/02
Posts: 737
Loc: Scottsdale, Arizona
In reply to:

how is biwiring any better?

It's not. There is SOME potential for a better signal with bi-amping, possibly in theory. There is absolutley no gain in bi-wiring.

#7689 - 01/06/03 04:36 PM Re: What's up with bi-wiring
bobcox Offline
frequent flier

Registered: 11/17/02
Posts: 15
Loc: Florida, USA
How would you gain from bi-amping? It would appear you are exchanging possible problems resulting from a more complex signal with more likely problems resulting from additional connections and signal processing!

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#7690 - 01/06/03 05:03 PM Re: What's up with bi-wiring
Semi_On Offline

Registered: 09/18/02
Posts: 737
Loc: Scottsdale, Arizona
I agree, but enough people claim to hear a difference that I won't dismiss it out of hand. I haven't had a chance to do any testing on it myself. Either way, it certainly wouldn't be enough for me to waste my money on but audiophiles are strange creatures.

Every article I've dug up on the matter has offered no real justification for why bi-amping might provide any improvement. Most seem to hinge on the use of a crossover to split the amplifiers. One amplifies the high signals and one amplifies the low signals, thereby freeing each to work more effectively on their individual frequency spectrum.

All of my clock and data signal management expertise is focused on frequencies MUCH higher than home audio (1-50GHz...). In that realm, the suggestion of bi-amping would be absurd for the very reasons you mention. However, I haven't really measured the resultant skew from using two amplifiers in order to determine whether or not it would cause a problem. I know it would in my world, but I can't really speak to home audio in this regard.

#7691 - 01/08/03 11:31 AM Re: What's up with bi-wiring
Saturn Offline

Registered: 10/21/02
Posts: 1041
Loc: Toronto Ontario Canuck
I thought bi-wiring didn't matter but I was wrong. For some reason after I bi-wired my setup I heard more detail and separation in my music. I even did a blind test. I went up to my friend B&W speakers who forgot to remove those clips behind his post. I did not mention anything to him and just started to take it off. After I had it off he was like saying what the hell I did. His speakers sound definitely much better and clearer. He has been using those set of speakers for 6 years bi-wired but no one told him he was supposed to take out the clips which attached his low and highs.
Most HIFI stores would lend you a good set of bi-wireable speaker cables. Use your ears as a judge.

Speaker wires also does make a difference (unlike what most people here believe). Sure is you got regular zip vs Moster won't know the difference......try it against Kimbers or'll notice something (and its not just a lighter pocket).

_________________________ new HT

#7692 - 01/08/03 12:12 PM Re: What's up with bi-wiring
Pinoy Offline

Registered: 10/26/02
Posts: 115
Loc: Kansas City, Missouri
Assuming I buy 45 ft kimber cables at $9 a foot for my QS8 for rear surround, this means that I am paying $405 (plus shipping?) to connect my $235 speaker or a total of $640 per speaker.

At these prices, I better hear substantial sonic improvement. Would it not be wiser to buy $540 speaker and connect it with $100 worth of cables and definitely hear substantial sonic improvement? How about $600 speaker and $40 cable (about $0.89 a foot)?

#7693 - 01/08/03 12:14 PM Re: What's up with bi-wiring
chesseroo Offline

Registered: 05/13/02
Posts: 5117
Loc: western canada
Biwiring is a myth.
In the terms of scientific physics it doesn't make sense.
In proper tests, subjects did not discern b/w biwired and non-biwired setups.
In regards to the wires themselves, copper is copper is copper, period. If you can magically change copper to another substance that moves electrons better than other copper wire simply by wrapping it in various materials, then you must be god.

There is more than just 'opinion' in these statements. There is scientific fact.
But hey, the day people actually listen to science is the day the earth is near apocalypse.

old Alan post
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JohnK old post
"Those who preach the myths of audio are ignorant of truth."

#7694 - 01/08/03 12:15 PM Re: What's up with bi-wiring
DanTana Offline

Registered: 01/06/03
Posts: 162
Loc: Chicago, Illinois
I found an excellent article about bi-wiring, has both pro's and con's about it.

#7695 - 01/08/03 12:36 PM Re: What's up with bi-wiring
Semi_On Offline

Registered: 09/18/02
Posts: 737
Loc: Scottsdale, Arizona
It would be wiser to spend all your money on the speakers and buy your wire by the foot to your needs from Home Depot or Radio Shack. The hype behind speaker cable is nothing more than just that.

#7696 - 01/08/03 01:45 PM Re: What's up with bi-wiring
DanTana Offline

Registered: 01/06/03
Posts: 162
Loc: Chicago, Illinois

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