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M50 to M5HP upgrade expectations #440662 01/13/2021 9:24 PM
by mikeR
Hello Everyone, I have recently modernized my 2.0 stereo system and am considering trading in my M50 V2 for the M5HP. With the advent of Hi Res streaming, the unbelievable amount of material available on these services and a few new pieces of equipment, (yea, I know, I'm way behind here) I find myself a much more critical listener than I was in the past. Not that I don't love my M50's, I do, but I'm finding myself sitting and listening now and I'm wondering what I could gain from this change not only in overall sound quality but also in terms of soundstage and the possibly more flexibility in placement.
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Re: M50 to M5HP upgrade expectations #440703 Jan 15th a 01:39 AM
by bridgman
Interesting question - I hadn't thought about M50 to M5HP comparison before but it makes a lot of sense.

I have never heard M50's but still really enjoy my M40's. As Mojo hinted at, Axiom speakers have always been two "sound families" - M3/M40/M50 and M2/M22/M5HP/M60/80/100 - although I'm never sure if M50 really belongs in the first family since the frequency response spec suggests more of a 2-1/2 way than a 2-way.

In terms of overall frequency response it's going to be a toss-up between the M50's and the M5HP's, but the M5HPs really impressed me when it came to imaging/soundstage and ability to stay clear & tight when playing complex music at medium volumes (not super-quiet and not wall-of-sound either).

In my case I traded M60v4's in on the M5HPs and am very happy with the result. I had been alternating between the M60's and Ascend Sierra-1's, preferring some aspects of each, but once the M5HP's arrived I pretty much left them up all the time.

The next step in these plague-ridden times is probably giving Mojo a phone call and asking him to hold his phone up to the speakers while he switches between M50 and M5HP's.
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Re: M50 to M5HP upgrade expectations #440706 Jan 15th a 04:16 AM
by Rebulx
I recently setup my old pair of M50s in my parents house and they were blown away. Actually, I was too a little. They have a semi-perfect listening environment, at least much better than mine. It's funny, this whole time I had one of the best speakers from Axiom and didn't know it, imho. Full disclaimer i've heard the M5HP on walls, not the bookshelves and I'm now using the M100s. The 100's sound amazing, especially at higher levels.
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Re: M50 to M5HP upgrade expectations #441502 Mar 2nd a 05:46 PM
by rrlev
Mojo, does he need in-wall cable? ... if so it should be rated for that ...

It's a fire hazard thing which IMO really doesn't matter too much if the run is short and stays in-room but there could be problems if it was discovered.

Current plan in the HT is to run any possible on-wall bed surround (M5ow) with a short run to a connector just below it in the floors wiring channel. That way I can run the rest of the run using regular 12AWG. You can do the same thing just above the floor.

BTW haven't look yet but if 12AWG Class 2 is hard to find you can get smaller gauge and double it up... I have 4 wire Class 2 speaker wire which would work fine for this.
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Re: M50 to M5HP upgrade expectations #441497 Mar 2nd a 05:04 PM
by chesseroo
This is all you need to know about speaker wire.

If you need something in-wall, it must be Class 2 rated but prices usually aren't much different from typical copper wire cost, usually $1/ft or a bit less.

In your case given the short runs, 14 AWG would be fine even down to a 2ohm speaker load.
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Re: M50 to M5HP upgrade expectations #441500 Mar 2nd a 05:32 PM
by Mojo
Mike, nice finish! You will really enjoy listening and looking at them.

I don't really have any cable recommendations. There was a particular Blue Jeans cable that Trevor and I both tried which didn't sound right to us compared to others. It was very obvious BTW.

This is what I've been using with all my systems. I use 10 AWG with my active LFR1100 woofers, 12 AWG with the mids and 14 AWG with the tweeters. I use 12 AWG with the M5OW and bookshelves, M50, M3, and M2. I used 10 AWG with the M100s before they were stolen.
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Re: M50 to M5HP upgrade expectations #441693 Mar 16th a 12:14 AM
by mreed
Mojo, fidelity and resolution are definitely my goal, and it was your exceptional ability to describe these speakers, and your advice, that pulled the trigger. These M5's will flank a bay window, like yours. There is an identical window at the opposite end of the room through which I expect to see the acoustic images floating.
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Re: M50 to M5HP upgrade expectations #441820 Mar 27th a 06:11 PM
by Canesfan27
I love the discount for the 21 day wait but the actual waiting and anticipation drives me nuts...

I'm going to have to build a small temporary wall to mount the one m5 because if I don't my child would probably run into it. I may even go ahead and frame it out and get the redheads drilled into the concrete.

Mike, let us know when the other speaker arrives. I'm sure it's frustrating they only delivered one.
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Re: M50 to M5HP upgrade expectations #441858 Apr 5th a 01:16 AM
by Canesfan27

I’m glad you are enjoying them. That makes me even more excited to get mine. I’m hoping they’ll ship tomorrow or Tuesday so I might have them before the weekend. Mine will be set up as surrounds but I’d love to talk the wife into letting me set up a pair upstairs. I should also be putting in my order for a power amp in a few weeks as well.

They look really good on your wall.
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Re: M50 to M5HP upgrade expectations #441859 Apr 5th a 02:48 AM
by rrlev
I have yet to setup the M5s as the main speakers (in the HT they are used as surrounds). Since I m starting the HT wall rebuild soon I think I’ll move them up stairs to try in the family room.

There they will have to fill some pretty impressive shoes as the quality of sound from the family rooms M2/EP500 combo is amazing ... it a surprise to get such a full and clear sound from such a small speaker ... more so then even the actives as you don’t expect it.

Alone I expect the M5 to out perform the M2 but when combine with the EP500 ... we will see
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Re: M50 to M5HP upgrade expectations #441860 Apr 5th a 02:58 AM
by Mojo
I don't want to influence your opinion Rich so I won't remark about how the M5s sound more real than the the M2s regardless of subwooferage. It took about 25 hours of playing the M5s before I could say they sound better.

Mike, I'm very happy for you. I should point out you weren't comparing the M50v4 with the M5s. I think your M50s are v2 or v3. I still really like the M50v4 and wish I could switch any Axiom speaker with a dedicated mid to the low def sound of the M50 at times.

I'll also just repeat that the M50 and M3 sound like 480p and the M2 and M5 like 720p. The M100 is 1080p and the active LFRs are 4K. smile
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Re: M50 to M5HP upgrade expectations #441926 Apr 7th a 08:07 PM
by Canesfan27
Me too. I'm curious to see if they suspect my speakers of espionage.
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Re: M50 to M5HP upgrade expectations #442055 Apr 12th a 08:37 PM
by Canesfan27
They were added to their midday deliveries and both miraculously showed up today.
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Re: M50 to M5HP upgrade expectations #442222 Apr 20th a 04:51 PM
by Canesfan27
Having the M5OWs as the rear surrounds is a sound improvement over the QS10s in my room. I went through several movies last night and having the monopole speakers firing right at the listening position was a major boost in directional sound. In all fairness the QS10s don't have the optimal set up in my room because the walls aren't up and there is nothing for the sound to reflect off of. I should have an opportunity to hook them up as rears this weekend.
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Re: M50 to M5HP upgrade expectations #442272 Apr 25th a 04:13 AM
by rrlev
You all know this but I’ll state it anyway ...

QS10s are directional in a very limited way, They are diffuse by design giving only a general sense of direction. They are great for ambient sounds that surround you like rain or cheering in a stadium. A single speaker creates a large area of sound in its general area ... I.e. somewhere left, right or behind. If you have angled ceilings or walls you might have trouble discerning even that (depending on the room).

A direct firing speaker creates a point of sound. Several direct fire speakers are needed to create the same ambient effect as the QSs. If you have enough of them then you can place a sound in 3d space. Something the QS series can’t do.

So, The QS series is great for the 5.1 or 7.1 formats where the surround effect is intend to be diffuse. The newer 3d formats require direct.
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