Like the Rocky Mountaineer, the Transcontinental VIA Train has largely become a tourist train for those who want to travel really long distances & see the country. It is therefore priced that way now; however, judging from the way that the reservations fill up months in advance, they have no trouble selling out all of their sleeping accommodation services.

Our fare for 2 includes 4 nights/5 days in a 2-bed cabin with all meals included. If you have no discount plans, the fare is ~ $3800 CAN for our trip - a bargain if you have US Dollars.

Contrast that to the Grand Canyon Train that we did out of Williams, AZ to the South Rim a couple of years ago. It was ~ $1000 US for 2 that included 3 nights in their hotels (2 nights at Williams & 1 at the South Rim), & 4 meals each & about 6 hours train travel time. Well worth it IMO, but I like trains, ha!!