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#107482 - 08/11/05 01:35 PM Yamaha's low-end offerings?
Bilbo_Baggins Offline

Registered: 01/15/04
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Loc: Utah
Hi folks,

Been a while since I've been on the board, hope everyone is doing well. I continue to be surprised at the reaction people have when they hear the Axioms in the basement/theatre! In fact, I am on my 3rd configuration for friends/family to help them order the right equipment (including the right Axioms). This last theatre I'm helping my brother-in-law design has been a fun project -- since we had the luxury of finishing the construction in the basement. How great is it, when you don't have to fish speaker wire?!? Fun stuff. Once completed, hopefully I can get some pics uploaded for your viewing. We went with the following Axiom setup: vp150, 350 sub, 2-Q8s, and the M22s for fronts. The boxes just arrived yesterday, and the carpet in the basement is going in today -- so, my brother-in-law is getting close to theatre nirvana.

I am a bit concerned about the yamaha receiver we purchased. I couldn't talk him into spending more on the receiver. It is one of Yamaha's lower end models, yet it haves many of the features (watts, channels etc...)the higher end models have. I hope he didn't skimp too much on the receiver, I guess I will soon find out. Anyone have experience with the Axioms with one of Yamaha's lower-end offerings? ($400-500)

#107483 - 08/11/05 01:48 PM Re: Yamaha's low-end offerings?
jorge016 Offline

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I tried out a Yamaha receiver from Best Buy. I believe it was labeled as a 600 watt receiver in the $350+ price range. I can't remember the model number. I thought it sounded pretty good and had plenty of features until I picked up my HK 130. The Harmon Kardon blew it away even though it is HK's entry level HT receiver. There are real good buys to be had on HK 130, 230 and 330 with the new "35" line now on the market.
M22's, VP150, QS4's, HK 630, HSU VTF3-MKII

#107484 - 08/11/05 03:28 PM Re: Yamaha's low-end offerings?
Capn_Pickard Offline

Registered: 03/09/04
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I have the RX-750 (feel like I've said that a bunch lately) which is one of their cheaper models. I'm not sure what the difference in components between the higher and lower end stuff is (like heat dissapation and power creation, etc.), but I have never had a problem running a pair of M60s, QS8s a VP100 and some other small rear surround speakers fairly loud. Never had a clipping or overheating issue, never had a distortion issue. According to my wife, I like to listen to movies and music way too loud, if that helps...

In addition, my downstairs neighbor (not an afficionado at all) got a complete M2 system with a VP100 center. She bought an even less expensive Yamaha and also has had no problems.

I guess it depends on your room dimensions, and the volume at which you like to listen to music. Certainly, a cheaper model might, on average, last for fewer years than some other model, but in the short-term, I wouldn't worry so much about that (lemons aside).

The consolation, of course, is that if the receiver ain't cuttin' the mustard, it is an easy swap-out (unlike if you were suddenly and unreasonably dissatisfied with your speaker wire...).

Give a cheaper receiver a try. So long as the software decoders are good (which they all are these days), and the volume is sufficient, I think you'll be fine with a cheaper model. Heck, I don't use half the "bells and whistles" I paid for on my cheap model.

#107485 - 08/11/05 09:41 PM Re: Yamaha's low-end offerings?
Bilbo_Baggins Offline

Registered: 01/15/04
Posts: 195
Loc: Utah
Capn., Thanks for the info., I have a feeling they'll be thrilled, and that the axioms will help to hide any sins that the amp may bring to the setup. It's nice to be able to help people configure a system, but kind of nerve racking, because I feel somewhat responsible when all the equipment starts showing up, projector, speakers, amp, etc... thanks again.

#107486 - 08/12/05 08:52 AM Re: Yamaha's low-end offerings?
Foghorn Offline

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I had a Yamaha HTR 5760 ($299) hooked up to M22s for stereo in an 8000 cubic foot room - a less than ideal situation on many levels. The sound quality was very good but that combo couldn't really fill the room (although my wife thought it did). I gave the receiver and an old pair of Mirage bookshelves from my attic to some friends to set up a home theater system using their old Sony tower speakers as fronts. The system sounds really good. So basically, I would think that unless you are in a really large room your brother-in-law will be thrilled with the sound.

#107487 - 08/18/05 10:48 PM Re: Yamaha's low-end offerings?
Amadeus Offline

Registered: 08/16/05
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Hi all,
I was checking out one of the latest (I think) offerings in the HTR line, the 5840, but didn't get the chance to audition it, and one feature I thought would be great is Silent Cinema (surround sound in your headphones), and also the quadfield DSP, which is supposed to give you surround sound without rears. Anyone heard what these sound like, and are they worth while? Jorge, what exactly about the H/K is it that "blows away" the Yammy? (I realize HK is in a different class, but just wondered!).


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