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#122499 - 12/31/05 04:46 AM advice for a newbie on home theater system
darianw Offline

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basically, my family just bought a sharp 45" lcd flat panel tv. Now I am considering purchasing a home theater system to compliment it. I am thinking of getting a 3.1 system for now and possibly upgrading it to 5.1 in the near future. Now the sharp tv we bought already has 2 sound speakers attached to the tv (on the side) and they can disattach. Now, becuase I don't know anything about sound system, i don't know if they can take the place of anything or if they are any good.

1.) so if i was getting a 3.1 system for now, what are the parts i need. a receiver, center speaker, subwoofer, (2 front speaker or two back speaker)???

2.) which brand or axiom model would you recommend for these parts. I am open to anything as i probably have to shop around in my local sound system store (i reside in Vancouver, b.c.).

The system is pretty much for my parents and they are not picky about sound. So i am not looking for the top of the line stuff. but decent system that look good, has decent sound and dependable quality to match the expensive lcd tv. maybe around $1.5-2k for now with additional purchase of parts in the future.

I would appreciate any advice anyone could offer.

#122500 - 12/31/05 05:12 AM Re: advice for a newbie on home theater system
JohnK Offline
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Darian, welcome. If you don't get a full 5.1 system at first, I'd suggest that you get the surround speakers for a 4.1 setup rather than the center speaker for 3.1. The main speakers can be used to form a "phantom center" at least initially. You haven't described the size of the room, but a first thought would be to use M22 mains with a sub plus QS4 surrounds. Then, an HT receiver and a CD/DVD player would be necessary if they don't have them now.

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#122501 - 12/31/05 10:04 AM Re: advice for a newbie on home theater system
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Hey Darian, welcome to our family.

Wow, you do have some decisions to make. Can you better describe the room layout (size) and where the TV is located. Is it wall mounted or sitting on a TV stand? My folks have a Sharp LCD, that is sitting on a small TV stand and then they have bookshelf speakers to the left and right.

I don't think the speakers that come with these LCD's can ever recreate the same sound experience that true bookshelf or floorstanding speakers will give you. You need seperation to get the best experience. Also, you'll need a receiver to drive any speakers you get, as something has to drive the surrounds/sub etc...

You may want to consider turning off the Sharp speakers in the tv menu and just getting a receiver and speakers now. You can live without surround as most receivers have a simulation mode that will use the left/right speakers to virtually simulate surrounds. Now it will never be as good as actually having Left/Right surrounds for a 5.1 system.

Also keep in mind that you will have to run wiring around the room to connect all the speakers/receiver. If your budget is $1.5-2K there are many Axiom 5.1 systems that fall below that figure and would allow enough for a receiver as well. You could also buy from the Factory Outlet as most of us do and get the 10% discount and if you buy 5 or more speakers as well, Axiom gives you 5% in addition.

Once you give us your room sized it will be better for us to give you options, however, below is a few links from Axiom's website. Also, they offer a variety of colors to compliment most rooms. One other thing, you can take the online "Home Theater Wizzard" , answer a few questions and it will give you some suggestions.

Factory Outlet

Talk to ya later...

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#122502 - 12/31/05 10:18 AM Re: advice for a newbie on home theater system
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Darian, could you give us an idea of the size of the room in which the system will be placed (LxWxH)? Also, is your budget in Canadian or American cash? I'm assuming Canadian, since you're in Vancouver


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#122503 - 01/01/06 04:34 AM Re: advice for a newbie on home theater system
darianw Offline

Registered: 12/31/05
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thanks for all the responses.

my tv room:
side to side is 15ft
from back of couch to the tv wall is 15 feet.
as for high, my ceiling is slanted. so
1.) high of tv side is 8 feet.
2.) high of back of couch is 14 to 15 feet. However, behind my couch is a wall that goes up only 5 feet. the rest is open space that connects to my living room (2nd floor). essentially the tv room is partly connected to the dining room on the side (so some open space) and the living room (at the back of couch, see above).

1.) we also have a technics stereo reciver sa6x550 and 2 surround sound speaker (sb-s27), two large front speaker and one center channel speaker (sb-afc31). Now they are pretty old (atleast 10 years old). Can i still use any of them or should i just get rid of the whole thing????

2.) can anyone tell me how the theater system is going to benefit me when we just watch regular tv or HDTV. How many speakers do we need to utilize to watch a High definition Hocky Game or a Movie on TV (like fox network or etc)???

3.) i am thinking of spending around $2000-2400 u.s.(5.1 system with a reciver). To be honest, i do not plan on reselling the item i have purchased. so i am cautious of what piece of item i buy as the home theather system will last me atleast 9 years. i would like to start off getting a good receiver. Sort of get my feet wet and see where it goes. as i figure i can aways buy additional speakers once i experience what i have. I am hoping people could suggest a couple of good receiver, good brand and good speakers, subwoofer, etc.

thanks for the help

#122504 - 01/01/06 11:09 AM Re: advice for a newbie on home theater system
mullhead Offline
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I think the statement that the system was for your parents and they are not that picky in your original post may be the key to the whole thing. Throw in easy to setup and operate, too. I think you could find separate pieces (i.e. Axiom, Denon, Yamaha, etc...) within your budget with some careful shopping. You will have to figure in money for audio/video cables and speaker wire, too.

However, I am wondering about you looking into the dreaded Home Theater in a Box. I just looked on and found an Onkyo HT-S780 which is a 7.1 system for less $429.99 US. There are quite a few of these types of systems around. I am very leary of most of them, but this one received decent reviews from people that had purchased it. I would buy better speaker wire if the supplied wire isn't 18 awg or larger. (purchase at least 18 awg - as long as the terminals on the speakers and ampilfier will accept it)

Anyway, that is my the very least, I may have stirred the kettle enough here and we'll get some people firing on me and throw in some other ideas for you.
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#122505 - 01/01/06 11:09 AM Re: advice for a newbie on home theater system
KC23 Offline

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This is one of the best bargins out and is significantly lower priced allowing for a pretty nice receiver.

My suggestion would cost you a bit more than your budget mentioned.

Yamaha RX-V2500 receiver $600
Axiom bookshelf M22tis $440/pair
Axiom surrounds QS8s $500/pair
Axiom center VP150 $385
SVS PB10-ISD sub $429

(If you want an awesome total system for a fair amount more money replace SVS with Axiom EP500 subwoffer $1,150)

Been doing a ton of research on the subject and that is what I come up with for your size room and budget.

#122506 - 01/01/06 11:25 AM Re: advice for a newbie on home theater system
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