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#138231 - 07/24/06 04:31 PM Re: M 60 vs Paradigm Monitor 7 [Re: bflat]
speakerman39 Offline

Registered: 04/30/06
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I too was comparing Monitor 7's with the M60's. Sound wise, the M60's are far better than the monitors. The best thing about the monitors though is the real wood finish, it looks a lot better than the vinyl. If looks and price mean more than sound quality, go with the monitors.

I am going with the Axioms...


Ummmm are you sure about that? I own the Paradigm Studio 20 v.3's and they have a vinyl finish and as far as I am aware of only the SIGNATURE series gets you a true real wood- veneer finish. The last time I listened to the Monitor 7 v.4's (couple of months ago) they still had a vinyl finish. Personally, I find the entire Monitor series to be a bit bloated and sloppy in the lower midbass and a top end that is rolled off and at higher volumes becomes quite harsh to my ears. Furthermore, the midrange is also very muddy and not very open. However, the Studio series is quite the opposite in that the bass is much more articulate and the upper midrange and high end is quite extended w/o being harsh. Just a very open and airy sound throughout. All in all, I have found the Axiom speakers to offer a bit more detail in the midrange as well as the top end w/o any brightness at all. Maybe I just prefer a more forward and detailed speaker and in time I soon hope to be an Axiom owner.
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#138232 - 07/24/06 06:27 PM Re: M 60 vs Paradigm Studio 7 [Re: xmgb]
el_giovato Offline
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I'm not sure if you are still looking for information, I seem to bit a little late to the party. I owned the Monitor 7v2 for 4 years, and currently own the Studio 60v2. I also performed a double blind A/B test between my Studio 60v2 and the Axiom M60 last winter.
First to your question, in my opinion, the Axiom M60 will easily outperform the Monitor 7. The Monitor 7 was a good speaker, and was in my opinion a great value, but it is not nearly as accurate as the Axiom.
In my double blind A/B, myself and the 3 others in the room agreed that both were very good speakers. After we tallied the score, speaker B won for me (turned out to be the Paradigm), while the others scored the Axiom as the favorite. The term that is often used to describe the two speakers is 'similarly good'. The Studio 60 is more expensive, so the decision would come down to individual preference. But going back to the original question, if I had to choose between the Axiom M60 and the Paradigm Monitor 7, I’d take the Axiom in a heartbeat.
As for the comment of the real wood on the Paradigm, as someone else pointed out, currently only the Signature series offer real wood.

#138233 - 07/24/06 09:34 PM Re: M 60 vs Paradigm Studio 7 [Re: el_giovato]
chesseroo Offline

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I also performed a double blind A/B test between my Studio 60v2 and the Axiom M60 last winter.

El G, this is one test i wish i had the chance to do myself. Alan has drawn several strong comparisons between the Studio line and Axioms in the past often commenting on how similar they are.
One thing i can say for sure, every speaker i have A/B'd with the M60s has been distinctly different, but all very good.
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#138234 - 07/25/06 07:17 PM Re: M 60 vs Paradigm Studio 7 [Re: chesseroo]
el_giovato Offline
old hand

Registered: 01/05/04
Posts: 96
Loc: Northern Ontario
Chess, I debated between the Studio 60 and Axiom M60 for quite a while before going with the Paradigms. When the opportunity arose a few months later to double blind A/B the two speakers, I packed up my Studio 60s and went on a road trip. Ian and Joe from Axiom were on-hand, and they made the experience that much more enjoyable. It was great to chat about the results after the test with the designers and builders of the Axioms. Although I indicated the two speakers were similarly good, there was definitely a noticeable difference in sound when doing a direct A/B. The Axioms bass was deeper (surprising considering the smaller drivers), and the Paradigm had a much wider soundstage. The Axioms were also substantially more efficient, and had to be turned way down to match levels with the Paradigms. Following the test, my colleague immediately put in an order for the Axiom M60, and I soon purchased a set of QS8s.

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