I am going to order a pair of one of these two speakers to upgrade my 2.1 system. Currently I have Paradigm Mini Monitors and a Rocket UFW-10 sub. The UFW-10 stays, the Mini Monitors are being retired. The new speakers will used just for music. My goals are a smooth ride from about 50Hz on up with a solid mid bass. Detailed highs are fine, highs that are a bit harsh are not. I have read on this forum that some consider the M50s the more laid back speaker in the lineup, which I think is ok by me. The price difference is not the main thing, the SQ is. When I look at the frequency graph of the two the M50 seems the best of the M22 up to about 100Hz, then is seems pretty equal. That being said, graphs are one thing, what you actually hear is another. Listening levels will not be that loud most of the time.

I guess what I am looking for is something to nudge me one way of the other. Thoughts anyone?

Regards, Nick