Has anyone placed their M50s-80s and/or their sub on top of a component cabinet or stand?

I want to upgrade my CRT TV to a RP model and my existing component cabinet isn't wide enough. Plus it's out of room for addtional components. My problem is that I can not find an entertainment center ("single unit" or modular) that will accomodate the TV and allow me to keep the EP500 and M80s on the same wall on the floor. So, my thought was to either purchase or build a component cabinet that is the width of the front wall (~11') so that I have room for additional components and then place the TV, M80s and EP500 on top. The cabinet would be ~22"-24" high. I'm not too concerned about the M80s, but would the 500 vibrate the living crap out of everything in the cabinet and what's on it? At the moment, I don't have the option of moving the 500 to a side wall and I've read bad things about placing it in a cabinet.