Hello Everyone,

After months of research and recently just bought a 50" Sony RPTV. I am ready to plunge into getting an HT package from Axiom. I have the budget for M60*EP500, M80*EP500, or M60*EP600. For the three 3 configs mentioned I preferred the M60*EP600 to mate with the Denon4306 AV that I will be ordering. I have a family room that's approximately 4500 cubic feet that will be housing any one of the config.

My questions on the EP600 is that if I order it in "vertical" config, can I still use it horizontally? I know nothing will stop me from laying it down horizontally, but if I decided to placed it in the reverse orientation from what I order will it cause problem for me? I've read Alan Lofft's article "excavating deep bass" on EP500 and 600, but it doesn't explain about that flexibility in placement. It was a great article and no pundit intended Alan. You're probably wondering why go with the EP600 when EP500 is fine for that room size, it because (1)madam Boss authorized the purchase and it's probably my last purchase on speakers for awhile and (2) I like to listen to house, trance, techno, and every electronica bass produced music ever made by mankind.

Thanks in advance for any comments.