I hate doing it, but I've come to the conclusion that 7 years is a long enough life for my NHT SuperZeroes. They sit in our living room, hooked up to an SW1P 8" "Sub" and NAD integrated, Pioneer DVD and Project 1.2 TT (Grado Red Cartridge). I guess I'm looking for a bit more clarity and fullness and lack of compression when things are cranked up a bit. I'm disappointed by the miniaturization of instruments sometimes and with the sort of "hooded", or veiled sound I think they impart to LPs in particular. Axiom's rep for smooth trebles and transparency has me here asking for your input.
I have two possible directions to go here. One involves a direct replacement of the SZs with the M1 or M2. Will the M2 provide a noticeable edge over the M1 in the area of fullness of sound (maybe I'm talking about the lower mids area) and volume and large scale dynamics potential? They would be hooked up with the high -level method, for which the Sub has a built in high pass at 105 HZ- with the SZs in mind. So I guess it's a M1 vs M2 shootout in the living room, as I wouldn't have room for the 3s.
My other option would be to bring the SuperOnes up from the basement, where they are very happily mated with an NAD C340 and NAD cdp. They sound better than the SZs in the living room in most areas, except that the Zeroes "disappear" better (they're great at that).The basement void could then be filled by the M3s.
It boils down to the question of whether the upstairs or downstairs systems stand to gain the most from an Axiom addition. Both are mostly music, but the upstairs system does Saturday night movie duty. I listen more downstairs- no wife down there. I'm currently pretty content with the basement system.
Maybe another question is whether the M3s are just so much better than the 1s or 2s that they just have to be the ones purchased. Thanks!