I have A/B'd Monitor 11 v3 to the M80s and the M80s are more detailed and the bass was a tad bit smoother, but the overall sound was very similar. I have heard the Studio 60 on their own and I would say the M80 detail and smoothness is in the studio series but for less money. Now if you go for the Vasollo series Axioms to get the real wood veneer like other top end speakers, then the price difference is not there and you have very little to go on but style and name(and size differences, the Studio 60's are a few inches taller).

To find an audition, look in the hearing things forum and check out the stickied thread at the beginning for someone nearby, then send them a PM or send Amie an Email to see if she knows of someone nearby that might not be on the list.

Good luck
Studio 60's for $1700 is a really good price.