OK......FINALLY DONE (I will post some "finished" pics soon).

After spending much of this entire weekend fishing wire, mounting brackets and re-wiring what could have been Apollo 11, I finally finished installing my HT today.

I must say that after getting all the speakers calibrated, I was VERY impressed with the system. I tested the speakers for an extended time (about 6 hours) at very high volumes (my ears were almost bleeding). The sound was phenomenally rich and clean. I watched tv (directv HD), played Rockband (XBox 360) and Wii some as well.

I guess I am a one of the lucky ones, as I was powering the M80/VP150/QS8s with an Emotiva XPA-5 amp (Denon receiver as pre-amp) without ANY issue at all of circuit protection even at these very high levels. I am quite pleased with the combination and the sound quality it presents.

I'll definitely get some pics up soon as well as a more complete review of my experience.

As for now, off to take some more ibuprofen.......that stupid 130 lbs plasma tv really did a number on my back today -- I just manned up and "lifted it" onto the mount without a "buddy" (nobody was around). What I am learning about being 37 is that I am still strong enough to do stupid things, I just hurt afterwards (in my 20's, stupidity came without a price).