Hi guys, Great forum!

I guess I'll answer a few question that you have asked.
a)My mains are approx 8' apart.
b)The music I like varies; Enigma, Eric Clapton, Sarah Brightman.
Mostly, I love watching movies.(Braveheart, Patriot, Troy etc...
c)I have Canton 507 Chrono series that I was using for the fronts but now I'm using them for the rears. They are only 3 weeks old.
d) I only used the auddesey funtion to calabrite my speakers.
e) the set up I used for the speakers are as follows;front main (large) centre (small) rears small and I have 2 subwoofers.
f) and my Av did clip once but I was little too anxious to try it at a high volume. My Nad has a soft clip funtion; what ever that means.
g)I'm using 12awg wire and BIAmped
Thanks for all your help. It's much appreciated!

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