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Ha, ha, yes, the poor old M50. Actually we sell a fair number, mainly to customers who report that they have a really bright reflective room with tile floors, tons of glass, hard reflective walls, no rugs, etc.

The M50's "laid-back" midrange is better suited to the above, where the danger of a more detailed speaker might be an exaggeration of mids and treble.

As to the poor M50, don't even ask about the deceased M40, which we killed off without ceremony after I joined Axiom.


The M40s didn't last because it took them so damn long to break-in and they were comparative to what Bose had to offer...

From a review I found online pertaining to the M40s:

Price Paid: $560.00 from Axiom website

Have been pretty happy with the M40s. Did not audition and went stictly on what I'd read online; was not disappointed. Not the last set of speakers you'll ever buy but an excellent starter if you're on a budget.

Works great with tubes. Produces a very smooth, warm, laid back sound. Titanium tweeter produces very clear, detailed highs. Superb with vocals and acoustic work. ZERO listening fatigue. Price.

Not for bass freaks. Maybe a little too laid back for some people. Long break-in period (for me @ 3 months) before things settled down.

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