My god. I didn't want to get talked into M80s, but you sickos just might have done it. Sigh.

Well, thanks for the responses. I have a few more months before I'm ready to make a purchase. I'll probably end up with a starting point of either a pair of M60s or a pair of M80s, and a receiver with the full Audessey stuff. Damn.

See, the problem with that is that as you guys start recommending more and more expensive hardware, the overall cost of the entire system ends up being higher than what I'd anticipated. I could get an Epic 60.350 and the Onkyo 608 for just under $3000. If I start off with M80s and a higher-level reciever I'll be starting out at $2000 or more, with a final cost probably ending up somewhere around $3500-4000. I could certainly absorb the extra cost if I spaced out the purchases over a year or so, but damn.