Well that TZA I bought a while back was defiantly a mistake. (TZA goes up when the market goes down. Goes down when market goes up.) But at least I reversed the damage by buying TNA (opposite of TZA, goes up when market goes up.)

My 401k is liking me though. I rode the market down in cash, and am riding it up in risk. Where most people are probably a little under break-even, I've made 20%, so far, in the past 3 months.

Could have been 40%, if I was fortunate enough to buy at the bottom. Experience helps. Maybe next time.

I'm old enough, I want to retire some day soon. Just doing nothing and letting time take it's course isn't going to work for me. I got started saving for retirement much too late in life. So now I need to supercharge it whenever I can. I'm also putting 20% of my own before tax money into the 401k. At the start of this year it was 15%. At start of last year, it was 10%. By the end of next year, I plan on contributing around 25%. I just increase it a little at a time. I can feel the pain from the decreased spending capability.

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