For me, it's my foreseeable future job in retirement. One that I've chosen, because I think it will provide the best standard of living after looking over all of my other options. Especially, if I end up jobless. Better to trade the market than end up homeless as well. If I had started saving early in life, things would of been different. But now I have to plan on how to support myself with much less than an optimal retirement amount. And be able to live adequately and not as a pauper.

The key here is experience and passion in order to make this work. Most people find the market boring. I can't afford to do that. Trading is now in my blood and it's hard at times, not to get excited about it. Especially when I can see some light at the end of the tunnel.

I expect comments about how most traders don't make it. That's true, only about 10% will make it. That's because the other 90% don't have years of practice first. They trade by emotion and don't follow a good set of rules. I've spend a good many years losing money in the market. I know the risk. You have to take as much gamble out of each trade as possible. Don't go for the big gains. Always settle for the steady and more sure smaller gains. (But not too small. CD's don't pay much.)

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