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they really are awesome! Impressive sound. It's great to be able to ear systems that cost a lot more and be able to compare them to something that you can actually buy.

Did you take any of your own music to listen to on them? Just wondering if you can go into any more detail on the sound. I can't wait to hear them myself.

I didn't bring anything, took me and my buddy 5 hours to enter in every rooms but we would have need 10h more! smile

I can hardly go into details because my audiophile vocabulary consists of words like : wow, kick-ass and awesome!

The speakers were sharing a 70'x30' room. I'm sure that you get something very different in our home. They were placed like 4 feet from the wall and there was no walls directly on the side.

I actually went behind the speaker and what you hear from behind is excellent. Since the bass is omnidirectional it's like having 2 full range speakers back to back. I'm sure that with these speakers you don't need to put the volume very loud. You can fill the room with sound at very low volume.

Reminds me of the bigger Mirage loudspeakers.

I personally enjoy being surrounded by sound. I often listen to music in 7.1 instead of 2.0. I would definitely see myself enjoying music with these in a 2.0 setup.

I'm anxious to see if someone will actually put this in a small room (12x12). These babies are huge and can really sing loud!! But if you need to put them 4 feet from each wall they would be 4 feet apart from each other.
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