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I'm doing a terrible job at keeping everyone posted on the show, I know - I think the best thing would be if you all just came up to see for yourself. smile

Barring that . . . there sure are a lot of amazing setups here. Some are pretty wild just from room layout, and some are pretty wild from a product perspective. One that really caught my attention today was the Devialet Integrated Amplifier. (http://www.devialet.com). The thing in the second shot is a poor picture of their very cool remote.

I heard about it from Doug Schneider, and he made it sound like the future of audio had arrived . . . "Here's what makes the Devialet D-Premier so special: it uses a new kind of amplifier design that marries pure-class-A amplification with a class-D amplifier. The class-A portion is used for voltage, and the class-D section is used for current." - Doug Schneider, SoundStage CES article

They've got a really interesting display, with all the pieces of the product opened up and set out for inspection. If you're stopping by the show, make it a point to check it out! They're across the lounge from our room.

Don't worry - you definitely won't get lost trying to find us!

Lots going on on the Bryston side of our demo room and tomorrow I'll update you on Andrew's new favourite toy . . .

Until then!

Amie, you should ask the hotel concierge where they got those white, lighted planters. They're just too fabu for words! I think they'd look thtupendouth on your dock at night!!

Oh, ya, and good look with all that hi-fi and sound stuff you're showing. Great that you guys just happened to be there for poutine when all this is going on, huh? And you had products in the car WITH you?!? Amazing!
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