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Jason, I don't believe that the 3808 has that option, I'll have to check.

I don't want to spend the money, but I sometimes wonder if a new receiver wouldn't make nice with everything. More (and newer) 3D-capable HDMI ports. And maybe a new Oppo.

You're right the 3808 doesn't enable HDMI control (It was a shot in the dark, I had to look it up too) it just passes the signal thru from the other components, maybe double check those items and turn the feature off and see if it helps at all.

To enable the ARC(Audio Return Channel - HDMI 1.4 spec) from your TV you will need to buy a new AVR with HDMI 1.4 specs or you could use the digital output, usually optical from what I have seen on most of the TV's I have looked at, back to the 3808.