I spent the afternoon setting up an MMF 7.1 turntable with a nice Goldring cartridge.

I spent this evening with a tall glass going through some of the new albums delivered to my door yesterday. What a world we live in.

I returned the MMF 5.1 SE which did not have an isolated plinth so, I hated it. The 7.1 sounds great. Bob Marley Legends, sounded just terrific, The Man in Black (Ring of Fire, Walk the Line) Wow.

I have to say, there is something about vinyl which sounds ... pleasing.

I'm using the Kenwood KA9100 which is supposed to have a great phono section.

My good friend is going to go into my ASL MG SI 15DT and swap out the busted output block (interconnects pulled the guts out). I think the SET tube amp with the turntable will sound even better.

Anyway, spin your vinyl, let the electrons boil from the plates in your tubes and enjoy the music.

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