Looking for some advice as I'm contemplating replacing my vintage AX2s / Velodyne F1000 system with something more modern. As far as sound is concerned, my present setup has been awesome in my large living/dining room; however, it looks dated, too large & out of place with the mostly wooden decor.

My present system can be seen here:


My new 'audio only' system will be driven solely by my Denon SACD player through a 65 watt/channel Yaqin MC-100B Tube Amp using 'high level inputs' into the sub. This amp provides more than adequate volume levels in my listening area with my present vintage speakers.

After much research, I've narrowed my choice down to a pair of M2v3s (perhaps on FMS 24 stands) & an EP-400, all in one of the high end finishes. - high gloss rosewood or white. This will be a minimalist, classy looking system that should fit better visually into our living space & sound fine as well.

The room is 3900 cu feet with my listening seat being 8' from the sub & 10' from the satellites. The alcove containing the 3 speakers is 12' across & 2.5' deep with the bulk of the open room space being behind the listening area. Using the sub gain level of 4/10 on my 80 watt RMS F1000, its 10" servo controlled driver easily fills my listening area with quality, distortion free bass down to 20 Hz or so. The only output levels that I could find is from Velodyne literature: 20-85 Hz +/- 3db & less than 1% distortion at 25 Hz @104 Db. These were known as very low distortion subs.

Question is, in the near-field, will the EP-400 perform similarly & adequately for music only in my listening area? I'm looking for quality low end musical performance with no requirement to fill our large room with huge sound. As I am now an old phart, excessively loud music is a thing of the past for me now, ha!! Quality over quantity I always say...

Any thoughts?


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