2x6: Thanks for the suggestions; however, my F1000 has over 20 years of use on its electronics, servo & the driver foam surround. Velodyne is not able to service the 'F Series' as parts are no longer available. While I believe this rather low powered (80 watt) sub is outstanding for music in my setting, this unit is most likely near the end of its life - I'm surprised that it has lasted this long. I don't think that sinking any money into it would be wise. As for other speaker brands, I think that I'll stick with Axiom as I have for over 20 years. I just plain like them!

dak: I have a pair of M22s downstairs in my HT that I could bring up to use as a test bed if I got my hands on an EP-400; however, I wouldn't want to have Axiom sell me a set of 3 speakers just for testing purposes knowing that I definitely will return them. That's just me I guess.

Everything that I've read all over the net is that M2s (& M22s) are best with a sub. On the other hand, M3s are fine by themselves for most music; however, being a bookshelf they cannot be expected to provide the lower end that I desire in this setting - hence the requirement for a sub.

The main question remains - will the EP-400 be powerful enough for moderate near-field listening in my setting? I have to believe that it will...