Thanks for all of the info on SPL meters. The Source's model up here seems to be completely different from previous RS models that most people use. Reviews on it are scarce.

I don't have a fancy smart phone & plan never to get one. I rarely follow the herd - perhaps that's why I like Axioms & ride a Yamaha TMAX, ha!. Being long retired, I hate the interruption of mostly needless phone calls - but that's just me.

The levels that an AVR sets up do not apply with this system as it is driven only by a minimalist tube amp - only one volume control.

What I would like to do is just measure the overall average Db level that I consider to be at a 'moderate' level at my primary listening area so that I can pass on the results here.

I should try to borrow one I guess as it seems to me to be something that I really don't need to buy for just this purpose...