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Hey guyz !

I have an account with Sirius radio and listen on line frequently .Only have 1 radio station up here in the bush where I live so $200 bucks a year is justified . I am running a patch cord from the headphone jack of the PC over to the receiver . Is there any way I can make it sound better than what I am receiving ? I know the signal is digital but by the time the sound gets to the receiver its a little cloudy and thats with quality cables .Should I be using toslink as the output from the PC to the reciver ?
Is there any internet players that have better sound quality than Sirius ?
I have never tried Pandora but have heard its good
Any suggestions or assistance would be appreciated
What do you guys use ?

Unfortunately, Pandora is not available in Canada. If you are interested in listening to internet radio and utilize your sound system to its fullest, although I don't have the direct link, you might want to check out "Grace Digital Audio.ca". They have several radios that are quite inexpensive and a tuner unit designed strictly for an audio system that when hooked up via coax or toslink to your sound system is considerably better than FM. The only condition to this is that you have to set up a router system from your computer to get the wireless internet radio with its 20,000 or so stations that are free.