Here's a Motley Fool's recent article about 3D printers. Pretty cool devices. Looks like "The Fifth Element" movie's technology coming to life.

My family and everyone I knew growing up and even now, thinks financial matters should be hushed and kept secret. I never knew or learned anything about financial matters. Ever. Finance seemed like such a BORING subject that I never planned for any kind of retirement. As a kid it was drilled into my head, "Jesus will be coming back before you need retirement, so don't worry about it." Well, my folks died, and they left nothing to me or my siblings. Or rather, everything was left to my brother who's in a nursing home and won't, and can't make any decisions concerning this matter, with the state of Missouri as his guardian, who is no help in the matter.

So, given my experience on this subject, I think people should be more open and educated in the matter. How else is anyone going to learn and be able to base their financial standing amongst other human beings. From what I've heard, most retiring Americans have less than $50k when entering retirement. To me, that's just proof that keeping things secret is going to end up ruining peoples lives and the country they live in.