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So, given my experience on this subject, I think people should be more open and educated in the matter. How else is anyone going to learn and be able to base their financial standing amongst other human beings. From what I've heard, most retiring Americans have less than $50k when entering retirement. To me, that's just proof that keeping things secret is going to end up ruining peoples lives and the country they live in.

I agree that finance's shouldn't be a secret. Also, most people 30 years old or younger have less than 10,000$ in savings.. I didn't discuss the $$ amounts, because that can cause problems if people know how much $ you have, or don't have.... This was an issue that i did not want to deal with.

Like i said, i was more than happy to share with people, several people were able to make a pretty good amount of money.... When i bought Apple, a lot of the guys i worked with would give me a hard time about it... which was ok with me, because the price was going up just about every day... If they would have bought some, they could have made some cash as well..