So as you see, difficult area to address.
My thoughts are remove the mirror above the fireplace. Run some 2x4s around the inner peremiter as well as horizontally across the wall studs.

Mount the tv to the horizontal 2x4s.
Use a mirror treatment I saw on a DIY show to disfigure mirror tiles (basically turns them to loking more like a dark abalone) and mount them inside the inner permetier. So everything is offset from the wall by 2" roughly (yeah 1.5")

I will slot the peremiter 2x4s to allow wiring to pass through, so all wiring is hidden.

Pass wiring through the white "mantel" pieces.
Mount the OW/IW 150 in the horizontal mantel.
Mount the OW/IW M22s on the vertical mantel pieces. Will probably mount the M22s upseide down (tweeter on bottom and in line with the center channel tweeter).

Build an AV rack that will be positioned left of the fireplace. All wiring exits through a low panel of the outer left side of the left vertical mantel piece. Will run a remote extension eye up to the TV. You only need to point the remote at the AV rack.

QS8s on the back wall. Will use the current sub which is located under the piano.

Distance from sofa to fireplace is 11' 6".
The center of the tv will be at roughly an elevation of 71.5"

The top of the mantel is at 57"

So, any thoughts on other alternatives?
I have spent time sitting in the chair sofa looking at the middle of the mirror (which is higher than where the middle of the tv would be). Doesn;t feel too bad.

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Pio 94,SB3,BD30,A35,Pio 48AV.Pronto 7000 controlling all. Getting ready for 22s, 150 & QS8s.