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Bayne, I don't have Axiom amplifiers, but can certainly comment on the general "headroom" point. You didn't specify your listening distance, which is far more significant than home room volumes(which don't need to be "filled" with sound at the level needed at your listening position), but at a typical distance of about 10' your 3808 can drive your speakers to above safe(to your hearing)listening levels. Added headroom is meaningless unless it's actually used on occasion. Unused headroom is simply that: unused.

John, my listening distance is 12 feet from the front wall and about 10.5 from the front of the speakers. The room is 19.5 feet long and 13.5 wide with typical 8 foot ceilings. You can see pictures of my theatre in the gallery section. I'm still debating on whether or not I even need an amp of any kind--that's why I'm looking for any advice I can get from you helpful folks.
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