First the lead up:

So, I'm no longer in my 30's as of about 6 weeks ago, so I am no youngster, but I do play online games with some buddies of mine while my wife watches things like Dancing With the Stars and Cupcake Wars. Anyway, we were playing last night and are part of a clan. A clan, for non-gamers, is just a group of people together under a common banner (the clan name) playing together - AKA, we are on the same "team" in games.

Now the oddity:

Last night, we were working on some Minecraft stuff - dominating a PvP (Player vs. Player) server, and building awesome things in another - and more and more of the clan was getting online using a voice chat program called TeamSpeak.
We were all chatting away before someone asked, "Where are you from?" Of the 8 people playing Minecraft, it was a 50/50 split. Four people from the U.S. (interestingly, all from Iowa), and four people from Canada. We started talking about this and found out that the clan run servers are hosted in Chicago (USA) but there are about 75% of the clan members are from all over Canada.

We had all sorts of interesting comments about topics, but I learned something that I've always wondered...

It is still called Canadian Bacon, even in Canada, and Canadians are proud to have their own kind of bacon even if it is really just ham.

I guess that would be similar to Kentucky Fried Chicken. In Kentucky, they don't just call Coln. Sanders' place "Fried Chicken." It is still "Kentucky Fried Chicken" in Kentucky. Which makes me wonder if it shouldn't be whatever the local state name is, plus "Fried Chicken" for each restaurant. They could all have one menu item that was more indicative of their state. So "Iowa Fried Chicken" could be like a piece of chicken wrapped in ham or bacon for the pork. "Nebraska Fried Chicken" could have some sort of beef/chicken combo. I'm just not sure about Alaska's "Frozen Fried Chicken Platter," or "New York Fried Chicken's" specialty item. They would never decide on a single cultural food item, so that menu slot would be blank. When you ask about it, they would just respond "forget-dabout-it."

These are the conversations had whenever talking to Canadians and the idea of bacon comes up.
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