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Wow. The Canadians do love their CanBac (that is what I call it, you can't steal it). I didn't realize that it was THAT much different. I know it isn't ham, even here in the U.S., but the cuts we get are like real lean ham. They aren't smoked, or at least don't taste like it. It is definately different flavor, but still very "ham like" here.

So does it look sort of like this with the crust?

We certainly don't have that here. I'm seeing pictures like that calling it "Canadian Peameal Bacon". I wonder what it tastes like because I do like eating pig....

EDIT: Here is a link with more information that one should care to know about "Canadian Bacon": Would the REAL Canadian Bacon Please Stand Up

EDIT #2: Holy crap! That site wants $74.95 USD (plus shipping I am sure) for a 5 pound roast of the stuff. Ouch! If my travels ever take me up to Canada, I know that I will have to try some of this stuff though.

That is the real deal right there!
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