Order is placed. Glad I delayed as I was able to take advantage of the 20% on In/On Walls.

What was ordered:
2 I/O wall 22s in white with white grills
1 I/O wall 150 in white with white grill
4 QS8s in paintable finish with warm tan grills (the grills may be a close enoungh match that I do not have to paint them)

All said 10 days to ship. Thats fine. I have a lot of work to do before we get to mounting them

Once mounted I will post pics. The WAF should be quite high on this one.
Pio 94,SB3,BD30,A35,Pio 48AV.Pronto 7000 controlling all. Getting ready for 22s, 150 & QS8s.