Now now Charles. He was nice to us. smile
His reasons are as valid as any. Enjoying the hobby is what it's all about.

I read a lot of technical forums for various reasons but this is the only one that I regularly post on and feel a connection to the other regulars with. A rare mix of objectivity to balance out the hardliners. But hey don't get me wrong, a forum needs hardliners too to keep the discussions flowing. Tie in a mash up of very vividly different personalities who don't mind adding a social aspect to the techie talk and ya, it's pretty interesting around here. Kudo's to the admins as well for only ever interfering in a discussion if it becomes shamefully extreme. This adds an air of objectivity. Let's hope they are never forced to do otherwise.

It's not a perfect forum, but certainly the best I've participated in so far.
With great power comes Awesome irresponsibility.