Three-channel power amps will run cooler than a five-channel amp, so I'd get the 3-channel amp for the front three channels now.

By the way, despite my hangover referred to in the PM I sent you, I did go through the Denon manual, and Ken/JohnK are correct. The Denon's amp inputs are labeled "Ext. In" on the back panel and on the remote, and seem intended for the low-level analog outputs of an external SACD decoder or the like, which, although the manual is unclear, I suspect those feed the preamp section but bypass all the Denon's Dolby/surround decoders. That's the way my old H/K receiver's external analog decoder inputs are wired, which give you volume control of signals from the SACD player.

Denon receivers, even the cheapest ones, will drive 4-ohm loads without shut-down, unless of course you are trying for extremely high sound level playback and overload the Denon's output capabilities. Just curious why you're not using the Denon to drive your system?

Alan Lofft,
Axiom Resident Expert (Retired)