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Do ISPs sprinkle fairy dust on your connection to make it go faster when you upgrade your service?

After talking to two techs from my provider, that's the best explanation I can come up with. They sure couldn't answer the question (other than saying they don't use throttling to manage download speed).

Even more confusing, when I signed up with this new provider, I thought I was on a 6 Mbps 300 gb/month service, but was getting up to 14 Mbps most of the time. According to the techs, only 3 Mbps was available when I signed up, so that's what my account was set up as.

Maybe the Techs were snorting fairy dust...

I believe I could answer some of your technical questions here. However, I'm thinking they were not actually serious questions. Can't answer the varied signup speed question though. I'll leave that between you and your ISP.
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