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Not trying to irritate anyone, but at a hundred bucks each, you could buy a lot of Sony S590s for what one Oppo cost - no prestige factor though, just solid bang for the buck...

I think if i saw the Sony and Oppo on displays side by side, and i personally couldn't tell the difference. Then i'd buy the Sony. Like you say for 1/5th the cost if there is no perceivable difference, then why pay the extra cash?

Unfortunately, this is nearly impossible.

Most of the current generation consumer BD players only have analogue audio out for front L/R and no component video out. To get 7.1 audio out you need an Oppo which is regarded as among the best. Also only the older Oppo 93/95 has component out.

In case you're interested there may be refurbished 95's available direct from Oppo for $800.

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