I have about 20 SACDs now. Whether they sound better than the equivalent CD, I don't know as I've never directly compared them.

I believe that SACDs are generally superior to CDs just for the fact that it is an 'audiophile' format. With that comes with more care being put into producing, recording & mixing the product & the resulting sound is a more pleasing package. While many SACDs are simply stunning, some are rather average, especially if they are reissues of old recordings where all the remixing in the world is not going to bring them up to modern recording standards.

For excellent lively, dynamic fusion instrumental jazz with great, deep percussion, Spyro Gyra's SACDs 'Good to Go-Go' & 'Wrapped in a Dream' are simply top notch. These 2 tend to be the lowest priced of SG's offerings compared to their rarer works & well worth the price.

They make your system sing, especially if you have a sub in your system...