Today I met a guy who built his own TV/media stand.
Naturally I asked to see a picture and he was all to happy to show it.
He built it to fit the 80" TV he's looking at and its also been built to support the weight of all his components, two built in bookshelf speakers and the center channel.
Looks like he did a fine job too.
Here's the good part. He said if I like what I see when I look at it in person he'll build one of my design for the VP180 or VP 160 for around $500.
The Brick almost got me a few weeks ago for a P.O.S. that would I would have had to compromize with. They wanted $650.
Any chance one of you have followed this same custom path and would happen to have a drawing/design/picture to share?
I've drawn a few since finding out about Axiom. I couldn't find any online that would work.

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