hello all. I know that this has been belaboured to death, but I need some sound (lol) advise here.

I'm considering (actually waiting for executive approval - yes da wives) purchasing a H/T setup consisting of some H/K components and Axiom speakers. Because the H/K's will handle 7.1, I would like to purchase some QS4's for the rears (M22's for the fronts, VP100 or 150 centre, EP175 sub). The room where everything will be setup is 11x16, cathederal ceiling with an opening into another room off to the right. As the house is now being built, I want to start the wiring while I can. I would like to mount the 2 rear spreakers on the back wall of the room - approximately 9' high and 3' behind the couch. I would then like to mount the rear surrounds on the sides of the cathederal ceiling, angled downward, but am unsure as to how far away they should be from the rears.

Also, because the placement of these speakers will be at least 10' away from the amp, what would be the best gauge wire to use.

Any info would be most appreciated.