Now available... (btw for the couple of you who've asked for v1 and have yet to receive'll get both at the same time)

Track Listing...

1) Ecstasy by Rusted Root
2) It’s All Over Now by The Dirty Dozen Brass Band
3) Love Sick by Bob Dylan
4) Red Bats with Teeth by Angelo Badalamenti
5) Aisha by Death in Vegas
6) Petrol by Orbital
7) Shudder & King of Snake by Underworld
8) Swollen by Bent
9) Corcovado by The Oscar Peterson Trio
10) Samba De Orpheus by The Vince Guaraldi Trio
11) Simply Beautiful by Queen Latifah
12) Jelly Roll by Shinji Takeda
13) Where You End by Moby
14) Love Song For My Mom by Moby

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