Flat Speaker Wire Owner's Manual

TOOLS REQUIRED: Scissors, Screwdriver & Razor Blade (Soldering iron if needed)


1. Determine the best location to run the Axiom Flat Wire & for the terminations to be located. Recommended locations include those away from high traffic areas & preferably next to a wall. The surface needs to be clean & dust free. Alcohol wipes (NOT WINDOW CLEANER) can be used to prepare the area for installation.

2. Measure the length of wire that will be run, always adding a few inches at each end for safety. It is not recommended to cut prior to the actual installation of the wire. Determine if you will use the wire by directly connecting to the equipment, or if a pigtail (solder or terminal block splice) to a standard cable & connectors will be used.

3. Turn off all power to the system and/or equipment being wired to.



1. To prepare the Axiom Flat Wire for termination to terminal blocks, peel back & cut off ½” of the pink peel-off liner (See Step #2). Release the copper conductors by breaking the adhesive by gently running a screwdriver or blade down both sides of the conductors. Be careful not to cut through the clear or white backing material. Peel tape away from the conductors & trim off even with the peel-off layer (See Step #2).

2. Next step is to prepare the copper conductors for termination to the terminal block. First, use acetone to remove any residue from the bare copper leads before connecting to the termination block. Use scissors to slit the copper conductors down the center about ½” (see Step #3).

3. Then cross one side of the slit ends on top of the other, then fit them into the terminal block on the opposite side of the existing round wire (See Step#4). Use a small flat blade screwdriver to tighten the terminal block screws. Sealant may be applied to exposed copper to prevent oxidation i.e.

clear finger nail polish. Note: Make sure to keep the polarity markings the same at each end of the wire run.


1. Follow the termination steps for preparation to a terminal block up to Step #3. After those preparation steps are complete; pre-tin the ends of the flat wire conductors using a regular soldering iron. Solder together the Axiom Flat Wire with the existing system's wire. Allow the terminations to cool & then use shrink tube or insulating material of choice to cover area.


1. The Axiom Flat Wire is now ready to be positioned for final installation.

Peel back about 2” of the pink peel-off liner to expose the adhesive side of the wire. Position the wire in the desired installation location & press down to secure. Continue to line up, peel & press the cable into place along the entire installation surface. Take extra care when positioning the wire because the adhesive is semi-permanent & is very difficult to remove.

2. Axiom Flat Wire can be painted, spackled & painted, layed under carpet, under floor tiles & even wallpapered over.

Flatwire cable intended for speaker cable hookup only. Not for use with AC 115-volt house wiring.