Once Around The Electronics Lab

Audio Precision Analyzer

The Audio Precision Analyzer and its software are the ultimate standard for testing in audio electronics. It measures amplifier and preamplifier frequency response, stereo separation, total harmonic distortion (THD), crosstalk, phase shift, power output, and intermodulation distortion (IM), among other things. The Audio Precision functions in dual domains - analogue and digital.

Tom Cumberland at the Audio Precision.
Here we are using the Audio Precision Analyzer to check the characteristics of a recently designed and prototyped Axiom circuit board.

Chroma Programmable AC Source

This machine is invaluable to us in developing new products for use in different countries. It allows testing at any voltage and any frequency. For example, you can set it to 120 volts and 60 Hz or to 110 volts and 50 Hz, to test how a product performs with different power cycles. It also varies the voltage into possible parameters plus (+) or minus (-) that simulate what the electrical grid could produce, and test how the product performs under those conditions.

Tom Cumberland and the Chroma Programmable AC Source.
Adjusting the programmable AC Source.

Debbie Swinton populating a circuit board.

The quad storage scope.

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