Axiom Design Team

As with all good research it not just about having state of the art equipment, though that is critical, it is really about the people. At Axiom we are very proud of our engineering team and their commitment to our company goal of producing ever better sounding products.

Ian ColquhounIan Colquhoun - Ian founded Axiom over 30 years ago from the most humble of beginnings. He spent his first 10 years researching and perfecting loudspeaker measurements and sound, along with a handful of other loudspeaker designers, in the research project headed up by Dr. Floyd Toole at the NRC (National Research Council) in Ottawa, Canada. During this time some real breakthroughs were made in sound reproduction; never before had such a scientific approach been applied to the "science of sound".

To put it in the simplest of terms, objective measurements were finally correlated to subjective listening results. Ian is still heavily involved today in Axiom product design and our ongoing research projects that delve into unexplored areas of sound reproduction.

Andrew WelkerAndrew Welker - After graduating with a degree in Electrical Engineering Andrew went on to join the R&D team at API (Audio Products International) makers of Energy and Mirage product lines. He was working directly for API's head of engineering Ian Paisley, who was also a member of that handful of loudspeaker designers who participated in the NRC research project, and to quote Ian Colquhoun "one of the finest loudspeaker designers to ever grace this planet".

Andrew spent over 10 years at API and ended up being the head designer for all the Mirage products. Andrew is a brilliant loudspeaker designer who has a broad knowledge of everything audio and a particular expertise in the science relating to the omni-directional psychoacoustical effects of loudspeaker reproduction. Andrew joined Axiom in 2009.

Debbie Swinton

Debbie Swinton - Debbie has been with Axiom for 21 years. She is an expert at populating circuit board samples, making driver samples, and running the experiments invented by Ian and Andrew.

Debbie is also the lead in making sure product quality and consistency is maintained in everything we build at Axiom.

Geza CzirakGeza Czirak (gone but not forgotten) - Geza has been with Axiom for 25 years and runs our machine shop. He produces all the specialty metal parts required for driver samples and amplifier samples.

Geza is also a master at all things mechanical and has built from scratch many of the unique "toys" required for running our various experiments.

Mike RogersMike Rogers - Mike has been with Axiom for 21 years. Mike is the one who sets up most of our Double Blind Listen Tests, sets up and runs our endurance tests, builds our cabinet samples, and is also a master at building driver samples.

Mike is currently building a second Blind Listen Testing room which will have state of the art automatic rotating speaker placement devices.

Jeff Sisel

Jeff Sisel - Jeff has been with Axiom for 21 years. He is a CAD/CAM wizard and looks after the technical drawings and CNC programming required for all of our various prototypes.


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