Loudspeaker Design Lab

Ian Colquhoun at the LMS Computer
Ian Colquhoun, founder and chief engineer at Axiom, runs a frequency response sweep on an Axiom prototype in the anechoic chamber. The boxes to Ian's left enable him to configure different values of inductors, resistance and capacitance for crossover testing.

Attached to our anechoic chamber is the loudspeaker design lab. Here we get to control what is going on in the chamber and record all the measurement data. Both the pedestal the speaker is sitting on and the measurement mic in the chamber can be controlled automatically from the lab to achieve any and all measurements we require in the "family of curves". LMS is the primary frequency response sweep generator which we use in speaker design. This digital swept sine-wave analyzer operates with the B&K calibrated measurement microphones. LMS is also effective for listening window calculations and driver parameters. We also have SpectraLab running in here for our spectrum analyzing requirements.

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