ADA1000 Amplifier

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ADA1000 Amplifier

250 watts RMS per channel for rooms under 2,500 cubic feet.

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ADA 1000 features.  Click to enlargeThe ADA1000 won the SoundStage Product of the Year Award!Serious systems need serious power to show off their dynamic range, and Axiom is determined to provide you with just that: clean, pure power that meets its rated power levels every time. You'll experience more of the excitement of your system without clipping or distortion ever. All you'll hear are notes that go on and on with plenty of headroom.

Why You Need Power

What can you expect to hear when you've got enough power? No distortion, and no clipping. Properly powered systems never sound 'too loud' because they stay clean no matter what volume you choose. When you underpower a system, it quickly goes into distortion mode during challenging passages, and that's what makes you think it is too loud. With today's high-definition audio options in both movies and music, your home theater system needs to be fed continuous power without overheating or clipping, in order to give you the realism you crave.

Getting The Best

Normally you choose an amplifier based on its rated watts-per-channel output, but that's really just part of the story. In order to actually get the full output, you need a power supply that can deliver that power to all the channels at once, with enough efficiency to actually deliver that power where it is needed, quickly. Traditional Class A/B amplifier designs can lose up to half their rated energy in wasted heat. The Axiom 1,000 on the other hand uses a proprietary digital amplifier to control the massive analog Class D power supply, overcoming the shortcomings of a traditional switching supply and drawing 1500 watts out of a typical wall plug. This translates into the following power ratings:

8 Ohms

4 Ohms

Max Output per Channel One Channel Driven



Max Output per Channel Two Channels Driven



Max Output per Channel Three Channels Driven



Max Output per Channel Four Channels Driven



Max Output per Channel Five Channels Driven



Max Output per Channel Six Channels Driven



Max Output per Channel Seven Channels Driven



Max Output per Channel Eight Channels Driven



The amplifier features a toroidal transformer and a large storage capacitance, housed in a heavy-duty steel case with an aluminum face channel.

For rooms under 2,500 cubic feet and normal sort of volume levels the 1000 series is perfect.

For rooms over 2,500 cubic feet or if you like to really crank it once and awhile then the 1250 series is the one.

For huge rooms and/or the desire to achieve the nirvana of loud and clean the 1500 series is the answer.

Axiom amplifiers can be connected to either the pre-amp outputs on your receiver (check your receiver has these) or to a stand-alone pre-amp processor.


Weight (lbs) each 58
Weight (kg) each 26
Dimensions H W D (inches) 5.25" x 17.75" x 16.75"
Dimensions H W D (mm) 133 x 450 x 425
Frequency Response (6 ohms -3dB) 5Hz - 45kHz
AC Input Voltage 115 or 230
RCA Input (Single Ended) Yes
Sensitivity (Full Power into 8 ohms) 1.2 volts
Signal to Noise Ratio (Input shorted, 22Hz-20kHz un-weighted, referenced to full power @8ohms) 100dB
12 Volt Trigger Yes
Voltage Gain 29dB
XLR Input (Balanced) -
Capacitance 54,000uf

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Customer Reviews
I have been using this amp for a while now and this is my conclusion - THE BEST amp I ever had. I doubt that I will have to replace this one for at least the next 10 years, and that's saying something when in this fast moving world, today's technology is often - old. Not so with this amp. I like to listen LOUD to both music and movies. As I have excellent hearing, this is a blessing. I can hear every little detail, especially in Blu Ray DTS master audio discs. I have the Axiom Epic 80-800 speaker system, including heights, and the Marantz av 7005 processor. Anyone looking for a super amp that will give you all the power you want and need at a great price, and, will still be the heart of your system years from now, what are you waiting for?
- Egbert R., NB
With the ADA-1000, I'm able to hear greater sound depth from my M60s that I wasn't getting with my A/V receiver alone. My system sounds great now, and if I ever get the itch to upgrade to M80s and a VP180, I have peace of mind knowing the ADA-1000 is ready to supply good, clean power to these thirsty speakers.
- Derek K., VA

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