ADA1250 Amplifier

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ADA1250 Amplifier

450 watts per channel for rooms over 2,500 cubic feet.

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ADA 1000 features.  Click to enlargeGetting the most out of your home theater and music listening depends on one thing: feeding it with enough power to really show off the quality of the system. High-end speakers need high-end power to show their capabilities, and the new 1,250 has that power in spades!

Why Power Is Paramount

If you under-power speakers, when they reach a challenging passage your amplifier will go into what is known as clipping, creating distortion as it struggles to keep up with the signal. That distortion is what we typically mean when we say something sounds 'too loud' - the displeasing noise stands out for us and we want to turn the sound down.

But when you have enough power going to all channels of your system, you'll never hear distortion. All you'll hear is the thrill of the action taking place - dynamic explosions, rousing crescendos - and the true capabilities of your high-end audio system.

How To Get It

Getting enough power means understanding the numbers. It seems straightforward: look at the number of watts-per-channel and get the one with the biggest numbers, right? But that's not really how it works. You see, traditional Class A/B amplifiers lose up to half their power in heat - totally inefficient. But the proprietary Axiom Digital Amplifier closely controls our Class D power supply at over 90% efficiency, translating into 1,250 watts of pure power available at any time for your system. Let's look at how that breaks down over the number of channels you're playing:

8 Ohms

4 Ohms

Max Output per Channel One Channel Driven



Max Output per Channel Two Channels Driven



Max Output per Channel Three Channels Driven



Max Output per Channel Four Channels Driven



Max Output per Channel Five Channels Driven



Max Output per Channel Six Channels Driven



Max Output per Channel Seven Channels Driven



Max Output per Channel Eight Channels Driven



The amplifier features a toroidal transformer and a large storage capacitance, housed in a heavy-duty steel case with an aluminum face channel.

For rooms under 2,500 cubic feet and normal sort of volume levels the 1000 series is perfect.

For rooms over 2,500 cubic feet or if you like to really crank it once and awhile then the 1250 series is the one.

For huge rooms and/or the desire to achieve the nirvana of loud and clean the 1500 series is the answer.

Axiom amplifiers can be connected to either the pre-amp outputs on your receiver (check your receiver has these) or to a stand-alone pre-amp processor.

Experience the life-like sound levels possible with a no-compromise amplifier like the 1250: no clipping, no distortion, just sound that goes on and on. Hear everything with the ADA1250 amplifier.

Weight (lbs) each 58
Weight (kg) each 26
Dimensions H W D (inches) 5.25" x 17.75" x 16.75"
Dimensions H W D (mm) 133 x 450 x 425
Frequency Response (6 ohms -3dB) 1Hz - 45kHz
AC Input Voltage 115 or 230
RCA Input (Single Ended) Yes
Sensitivity (Full Power into 8 ohms) 1.5 volts
Signal to Noise Ratio (Input shorted, 22Hz-20kHz un-weighted, referenced to full power @8ohms) 103dB
12 Volt Trigger Yes
Voltage Gain 29dB
XLR Input (Balanced) Yes
Capacitance 108,000uf

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Customer Reviews
Sound is delivered so crisp and clear. You can keep pushing it more and more without feeling like you'll damage your speakers. I listened at near reference levels(short amount of time) during Lord of the Rings and Saving Private Ryan and there was no distortion, just clean sound. I didn't get this with my old Denon receiver. Separates do help. Detail, accuracy and punch is what you will receive with the ADA 1250. It's a great match with the Axiom M60's, VP160 and QS8 speakers and a Marantz pre/pro.
- Brad P., ON
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