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AxiomAir Transformer

AxiomAir Transformer

Add any wired speakers to your wireless AxiomAir network - or create a new AxiomAir wireless system in your house! The Transformer gives you the power to control your speakers via your tablet, phone, or computer.

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connection options

If you love your existing speakers, but you want the freedom of wireless connectivity, untether yourself with the Transformer.

Axiom Wireless Module - Rear ViewHow It Works
This product is designed to plug into one of the inputs on your existing wired system and turn that input into a Wireless AxiomAir. The module has its own Optical and Analog inputs as well as all the WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities of the AxiomAir. Everything is controlled from the AxiomAir App or the front of the product. Transform your listening system!

The Transformer includes several options for playback:

  • Analog Input - connect your record player, laptop, or even your phone
  • Optical Input - connect a TV
  • USB Input - play songs from a USB drive, or enable bluetooth.

Depending on the space you have available, the Transformer can sit sideways on a shelf in its rubber cradle, or you can stand it upright with the other stand option - both are included

The Transformer is more than meets the eye: it is also capable of plugging directly into any of our ADA series amplifiers to become your Pre-amp. Besides being able to stream all your favourite songs, you can also put all your High-Resolution songs on a USB drive plugged directly into your Transformer and create playlists in the AxiomAir App. With this product, you can play them natively right up to 24/192 resolution.

Plug Your Speakers In      Power the Your Transformer Up     Enjoy Wireless Freedom

If you would like to have your speakers painted to match your walls we can do it. The upcharge is $150 for your entire order for this option.
Call us at 1-888-352-9466 to get all the details

Questions We Get All the Time

How do I use a wired device with my Transformer?

If you’d like to use an audio source with your AxiomAir that does not have wireless capability, your AxiomAir has both front and rear 3.5mm analog input jacks signified by the Analogue Input icon. To use the analog input, simply connect your source to one of the analog input jacks with an appropriate cable. Open a web browser and enter axiomair.local/ in the address bar (or name.local/ if you have renamed your AxiomAir). On Android devices, open the AxiomAir app. In the top right corner of the page, tap or click on the gear icon. In the menu pop-up, click the check box beside Analog Input. The analog input will now be active and the volume can be controlled using the volume knob on the front of your AxiomAir.

How do I force my AxiomAir to shut down?

Under normal circumstances you can turn your AxiomAir off either by the WebUI or the power button on the front.

  1. WebUI: Open the settings menu by clicking on the gear icon () in the upper right hand corner. Select TURN OFF and then click the Power Off button.
  2. Power Button: Press the power button located on the front of your AxiomAir for a brief moment and the AxiomAir will safely shutdown in about 30 seconds.

In the unlikely event that your AxiomAir becomes unresponsive and will not shut down using the above methods, you can force the system to shutdown by pushing and holding the power button until the green LED turns off. The power button must be pressed the entire duration until the green LED turns off. This can take over 30 seconds.

  Axiom does not recommend disconnecting the power supply or batteries while the AxiomAir is on. Doing so may corrupt system memory or cause physical damage to the battery switching system.

What Features Does The AxiomAir Have?

We've compiled a playlist of short video tutorials to help you get the most out of your AxiomAir speakers. Click on the top right to expand the playlist and choose the feature you're interested in, or simply press play to see them all.

For more questions and answers, please visit our page dedicated to AxiomAir instructions and frequently asked questions here.

Dimensions H W D (inches) 9.25 x 2 x 4.65
Dimensions H W D (mm) 237 x 50 x 118
Weight (lbs) each 1
Weight (kg) each 460 g
Inputs Wifi
Analog Right and Left
Outputs Analog Right and Left RCA
Finish Soft Feel Black
AxiomAir Transformer

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Customer Reviews
AxiomAir transformers are up and running smoothly with Spotify connect. Better than our experience with Yamaha and cocktail audio actually. Overall the stability of the transformers are great!
- Okra Hong Kong
We use our AxiomAir on the deck a lot when we're entertaining. This let us have the system in the great room play the same music at the same time. Great feature.
- Shane

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