Earn Axiom Dollars with the Audition Club

Earn Axiom Dollars with the Audition Club

Axiom Audition Club

Are you the person friends always come to with their a/v questions? The gear guru in your neighbourhood? Are you open to meeting new people and showing them your Axiom gear? If so, the Axiom Audition Club is for you.

Here's how it works: we'll list you in the 'Hearing Things' Audition thread on our message boards. If a customer auditions your speaker system and buys speakers, we'll give you Axiom Dollars, in the amount of 5% of their total purchase. You can use those dollars in the Axiom Store to buy gifts for your friends - or yourself!

To sign up, send an email to Axiom with your name, city, state or province, and the products in your set up, as well as the best way for a potential customer to contact you. You'll be on your way in no time!

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