How to Paint Speaker Grilles

How to Paint Speaker Grilles

Paintable Grilles

Congratulations on your new Axiom speakers! If you're wondering how to paint speaker grilles, this is the place to find out!

Painting speaker grilles allows you to virtually hide speakers in plain sight.  Our in-wall, on-wall or in-wall/on-wall hybrid speakers all blend seamlessly into your decor when you paint them to match walls, cabinets or other elements in the room.

Let's get started!

Step 1:  Separate the grille, logo and frame. (click to enlarge images)

Paint speaker grilles 

Step 2:  Prime and paint the frame first; set aside to dry.  You can use a brush for the frame.

Next, prime and paint the grille, using a paint sprayer to avoid paint build up in the grille holes.

If you prefer to use a paint roller, ensure it is a foam roller and get as much of the paint off the roller as possible before applying it to the grille and frame.  Three thin coats produce a much nicer finish than one thick coat.

Step 3: Allow to dry at least three hours, and preferably overnight.

Step 4:  When dry, carefully insert the frame into the mesh grille, taking care not to scratch.

how to paint grill

Step 5:  Affix your Axiom logo, attach the grille to the speakers, and put on your favorite tunes.  You're done!

custom speaker grilles

Not handy?  Or prefer a softer look?  In addition to our paintable speaker grilles, we offer six grille cloth colors through our Custom Shop. You can choose from white, black, charcoal, tan, gold, or burnt sienna cloth to match your home.

See more examples of rooms where customers paint speaker grilles to make them disappear into the decor.

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